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Alys Thorpe
Diminished Octave 
how long do you live, my love ? a few small
Beyond (for Pavel)
Sudden silence in the heart as if frost 
Nana (Love without consuming doth eternal burn.)
Sometimes we don't know love or its depth till
Ronald Carpenter
Love Ethereal
They ask: "How can you love unseen, unheard, untouched?"
Love's Deficit
It's not what you gave ... it's what you took from me 
Hidden Pleasures
A maiden passes in the street 
Where is She, I Wonder?
Sleeping softly ... there's that chance ...

Shelly Elvin

As the sunlight streams,
Mask of Night
The sun drifts slowly across the sky

Noel Fuller

A New Day 
This is a beautiful day!
The Burden of Change
What point in attack
I snuggled in the warmth of my bed
Belated Requiem
When Cec died I listened to Beethoven's ninth
Three Seas
A rippling silver path

A. Lee-Nate

Do You Hear What I Hear?
Its torrent was so deafening

Patrick P. Stafford

Manly Tears
The manly ones are always so proper and prim
The Strength of Love
Long had love been a burden, and long had I carried it
The Words
Some truth we had known long ago but which we never knew
The Hero in Us
We stand within ourselves, outside the darkness, and alone


That Which Was
I met a Centaur in the wood one drowsy, Summer-dappled day
Old Days, New Days 
We never left.

Jonathan Wilgermein

The Tree 
We never took much notice of that big old tree 
Boy fled from holy ground
Elegy For Hermit Spinster
Planted a seed for my birth

Lynette Wrigley-Brown

Chioggia Calm
I thank you, saxophone player.

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