The Burden of Change

          What point in attack,
          and casting spells?

          The harmless absorb
            taking no harm.
          The tolerant accept 
          the burden of change.
          The people of goodwill
            enable combatants
          to leave their corners
              without fear.
          In wisdom we are One.



      I snuggled in the warmth of my bed
      Listening to the aeolian harper
      Singing in the wires, in my head.
      Seeing far the storm come after
      All that remained unchanged
      Whirling through the universe
      Destroying o'er its wide range
      Every obstruction diverse.

      My mind's eye turned to the trail
      Winding up the hill to my door
      Where a figure struggled to prevail
      Amidst rain, lightning the winds roar
      I rushed to the door, threw it open
      "Come in! Come in! Come out of the storm!"
      Soaked, wind-whipped, lady of my heart
      She stood serene, light in her eyes,
      And said slowly, deliberately,
      "Come out into the storm."

      "The storm rages!" I quarreled
      "Come out! Come out into the storm!"
      She walked away while I sorrowed
      That anyone could be so shorn
      Of good sense and returned to bed
      But come the dawn
      I knew who it was that was wrong.



(C) Copyright 12 April 2001
Noel Fuller
All Rights Reserved