Manly Tears

The manly ones are always so proper and prim
And think they've seen it all from beginning to end:
The world so dark and dim and life so cold and grim,
And then the death of feeling the death of a friend.

I wonder where love has gone and why hope still lives
Beyond what every strength must endure and has known:
That there are some things only God or Death forgives
And how lovely it sometimes be alone!

But I wonder how courageous it is to cry
When they are the heartfelt tears of a stoic soul!
And how much easier it is to live and die
Than pretend forbearance has made you strong and whole.

I have had enough of those who never sink or swim
And more than enough of feeling ashamed of feeling.
Though the world is dark and dim and life is cold and grim,
The truth that the truth reveals is always revealing!

For passionate love should be the same for everyone
And not some emotion the stars blot out when they shine.
Though my eyes are tearful only when they see the sun,
For sure, any man who can cry, is a friend of mine.




(C) Copyright 2001
Patrick P. Stafford
All Rights Reserved