Three Seas

            A rippling silver path
            Crossed the sable sea
            Beyond that stream of light
            Something called to me

            Iridescent water
            Aglimmer with dawn light
            Darting fire from the East
            An Isle lay out of sight

            To reach that Magic Isle
            The whole of me did yearn
            And how to tread those beams
            I longed and longed to learn

            My father drove the car
            East by a coast so rough
            In valleys wound the road
            Then back to wave hewn bluffs

            The car plunging over
            A cliff into the sea
            Became a boat to cross
            From land that's all khaki

            Sea and sky were the same
            Uniform monotone
            Abandoning that world
            We motored all alone

            A dark mountain loomed
            From the sea it rose
            Fog all about its crown
            From shore to cloud a road

            Up the mount father drove
            Until we reached the fog
            No further father went
            But I climbed on and on

            Above the cloud I burst
            It roiled in the West
            To the East on my right
            I saw a valley blest

            A youth awaited me
            I am your guide he said
            We strode the sunlit way
            The lovely valley ahead

            The path enchanted wound
            Beneath a cobalt sky
            By humming fields of gold
            The flowers took my eye

            Trees in greens yellows reds
            Animals graze content
            Birds add to my delight
            Is it here that I'm meant?

            Amidst the colours bright
            The path came by a beach
            A flashing azure sea
            Broke on the sandy reach

            A village beautiful lies
            Above the beautiful bay
            In its lawns and gardens
            Beautiful people play

            Here you choose my guide said
            They read me poetry
            Showed their arts and crafts
            Devoted to beauty

            Stay with us they pleaded
            Here we live in delight
            Here you will be happy
            Yet in their hearts was night

            East South and West their eyes
            Could look yet not the North
            They knew they had failed
            To choose the path of worth

            The path reached on by
            Their backwater village
            I looked North and sought
            What they'd not acknowledge

            A lone struggle ahead
            Across a mountain range
            Enchantments left behind
            A future stark and strange

            Beyond its snowy peaks
            More mountains I could see
            Far greater than those near
            Between - a deep valley

            In that darkest valley
            The soul must walk in night
            No turning back nor guide
            Except rare shafts of light

            Drawn by inner vision
            The traveller must climb
            Over the third mountain
            All darkness left behind

            Beyond the further tops
            There is another country
            Where foothills slope away
            To the Infinite Sea

            This Sea sends forth the Call
            The spirit must respond
            The Call defines the Path
            That draws one ever on




(C) Copyright April 27, 2001
Noel Fuller
All Rights Reserved