The Strength of Love

Long had love been a burden, and long had I carried it
Like a flickering light to soothe the darkness of my length.
For love had been a dream -- so, long ago, I buried it!
In a tomb of doubt that could not be strengthen by my strength.

But because you have a strength that is stronger than my own
And is filled with a goodness my life has never been shown,
I am now like one who has been forged from salt into stone
And made into something only the strength of love has known.

The Words

Some truth we had known long ago but which we never knew
And which had guided us when all our hopes were grim and few,
May make us think of love like a dream that sometimes comes true.
But like the deconstructed sunset of youth that should rise
Above the decadent memory of a lover's eyes,
We failed to teach ourselves to love something that never dies!
Yet beyond the defeated years of our fitful musing
And despite the cruel errors of our own selfish choosing,
The only thing we had to fear was the fear of losing.

And though truth had been a goddess and we sought to hate her
And love was a god whom we fought to loathe even greater,
We always prayed that both would find us ... sooner or later!
And though each was destined to liberate or enslave us
Or bless or repress all the courage that life once gave us
(Which would either kill or fulfil all that could yet save us)--
If there were words to sing or a way to bring ourselves through
All the deathless truth and breathless love our souls never knew,
We should scream to the God who loves us ... the words...




(C) Copyright 2001
Patrick P. Stafford
All Rights Reserved