Elegy For Hermit Spinster

Planted a seed for my birth
Glimpsed me sprout from the earth
Wandered up your cobblestone path
Warmed beside your glowing hearth
Embraced me in the coldest winters
Known in town as " Hermit Spinster "
Solitude at your spinning wheel
Knitting memories that were never real
Strolled into town to purchase your wares
Mocked, ridiculed, reduced to tears
Scolded me for biting my nails
Citrus juice to cure my ails
Told me where to safely play
My shining star in those darkest days
Bountiful stories from your mystical tome
Hot soup, chocolate, ham-off-the-bone
Taught me the names of the flowers of spring
And the colours of the butterflies' wings
Cool lemonade in the summertime
Blessed Virgin Mary in your garden shrine
Made me sweep the autumn leaves
Coined me queen, my crown, your wreaths
Conceived from your purest womb
Now I mourn beside your tomb
Light a candle for your death
Oh woman of great joy and girth
Remember your home-made apple pie
Watch the flame flicker and die



(C) Copyright 19 July, 1994
Jonathan Wilgermein
All Rights Reserved