The Hero in Us
We stand within ourselves, outside the darkness, and alone
And see the world after half a lifetime for what it was:
A place we never knew, and a place that remained unknown;
Thinking, though many try to change it, no one ever does.

But because life is a process of change and endless growth
That leads to increased wisdom or increasing ignorance,
We have reasons enough to choose either or ignore both
If only to live long enough to have gone the distance.

So we sometimes stand outside ourselves, distant and alone
Accepting what is and mourning the way it ought to be,
Till a stranger comes among us who has seen and has known
How clear and simple does change become when one dares to see!

And when we dare to see and then dare to know and believe
That we can change the world and fill it with honor and trust
(And with other noble qualities!) - then will we perceive:
The stranger who came among us ... is the hero in us.



(C) Copyright 2001
Patrick P. Stafford
All Rights Reserved