Credit: Jean Charlot Collection, University of Hawaii Library      Old Days, New Days 

    We never left.
    Coiled in silence, wrapped in patience, shrouded in wisdom we spiral-laid ourselves around the hills and tors 

    Cloaked in watchfulness - untouched by boastful stride and zealous rage 
    we laughed within our barrow mounds
    while you, so filled with ignorance and fear, 
    pronounced us dead and driven from the land. 

    We were always there.
    Bathed in moonlight, basking on sun-warmed stones 
    sliding through fern, leaf and herb
    whispering the truth to listening ears

    Our names and forms were everywhere a secret jest 
    Carved upon the land,
    entwined about the very pillars of their temples 
    Touched, caressed and known by countless hands 
    Whose hearts and souls were ever free - bathed in wise-blood 

    Wheel, and cross and standing stone - mark ancient memories of truth 
    And we, revealed again at last and reveling-- 
    tracing serpentine paths beneath your feet
    Rise from the caves and call our children to the spiral dance of hilltop, shore, and grove 

    For we never left.



(C) Copyright April 15, 2001
All Rights Reserved

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