The Kindred

             Huddled in doorways we watch you pass 
                      Our senses sharp as shattered glass 
              We watch you strut by, we watch you stroll 
                      Hunger and lust barely in control. 
              Wearing past glories like a blood-red cape 
                      - Who to kill? And who to rape? 
              We hear your heartbeat, wait for the scream 
                      Fuelled by blood. And Methedrine. 
              Deep in the shadows we watch, we wait - 
                      Watch you love. Or masturbate! 
              We feel your pulse; we smell your fears 
                      Drink your joy and taste your tears. 
              All around us, steel and chrome... 
                      In the darkness we make our home 
              Life around us ebbs and flows 
                      Burning brightly, the Hunger glows. 
              We watch you stumble, we see you fall 
                      While we lurk outside it all 
              Herding you like a dog herds sheep 
                      - Which to cull, and which to keep? 
              Your pale, taut necks our redemption, 
                      Our pale, gaunt faces your reflection. 
              Deep we burrow, deep we hide: 
                      Through the aeons we abide 
              Unalive, yet not truly gone... 
                      Through the ages, on and on. 

(C) Copyright 1999
All Rights Reserved