Love and hate? - It's just saying twice 
    What you said long ago with your eyes, 
    Those strange days that don't stay with you 
    Down the sleek dark streets, and through. 
        Away from me, but still my wife,
        Down the shifting sands of life. 
            And we come to another intersection: 
            This time you choose the direction! 

    Dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing; 
    Flashing limbs in smoke-dark places, 
    Do you think of me? When you're facing 
    That nameless sea of faceless faces? 
        I won't lead if you won't follow, but when there's fear 
        Just remember that road is always there. 

            Love, hate, freedom - the riddle is in your mind, 
            But remember the road or you will go blind! 

    And choose a road that goes in spirals; 
    Turning, twisting, digging inwards, 
    And your examination of your lonely situation 
    Can easily turn into self-flagellation 
        As you again lose track of life - 
        Stranger to me, but still my wife. 

            Then open your eyes, and see just where 
            I'm waiting on that road that's always there, 
             Standing under a sign that reads "YIELD" - 
             Where the crossroads meet, in a greener field.


(C) Copyright 1999
All Rights Reserved

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