The Call

             I sense your nearness in the dark
             Drawn to my silent Siren song,
             My beautiful lover, my wondrous joy.
             I ache to hold you near -
                     Glistening skin in the flickering light,
                    Bronze entwined with alabaster.
             I ache to hold you near -
                         And lick the salt from your velvet skin.
                                 I picture the pulse at your throat,

                                                   I call to you.

             My handsome, fiery young Prince!
             Life billowing around your shoulders,
             Leaning from your pounding steed,
             Gathering me to your heaving chest.
             And I, the eternal Ice Princess,
             Smiling shyly. Smiling sharply.
                     So lovingly you give -
                             So lovingly I take -
                 To lose myself in your smouldering soul.
                 To find myself in your thundering heart,
                 And reach back across the ages...
                 To again hear the innocent laughter
                         Of the child that was -
                                   Before I set foot upon Lilith's path.

                                                   I call to you.

             Soft rain whispers against the panes
             Like a long lost lover's icy caress,
             Shadows lengthen across my mind
             And memories of warmth flicker.
             The blood-red petals of the Hunger
             Lazily stir and unfold -
                         As I gaze into the Stygian dark
                                   Vainly yearning for a reflection.

                                                   I call to you....

                         And I call you to play.

                                      And I call you to pray.

                                                   And I call you... prey.


(C) Copyright 1999
All Rights Reserved

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