I dreamt I saw you blindly tumble from the heavens
   Trailing curses and unfulfilled dreams
   Oh desolate Dragon! Tattered wings on fire
   Rudely cast down. Torn from the firmament.
   Smouldering comet careening across a midnight sky.

   I dreamt I was blinded by your soul-fire
   As you blazed across the shattered horizon
   And I bathed my face in the awful glow
   Of your anguished spirit going nova
   Burning tendrils searching for the hidden dreams.

   I dreamt a nightmare of foul decay and endings
   Of elder gods crumbling in crystal mausoleums
   Amidst dying constellations like castaway stars
   And of a scorching wind rending asunder
   The smoke smothering the ruined skeletal city.

   I dreamt of hot semen spilled to the memory
   Of lost loves and unborn children, scattered
   And of a golden chimera with lambent eyes
   Prismatic scales shimmering. Radiant. Monstrous!
   Weeping as his cruel talons pierce my heart.

   I dreamt of swollen luminescent larvae burrowing
   Moistly squirming along neon trails. Impaled
   Between the scorched lobes of my fevered brain
   Where short-circuited images arc and sputter
   The shimmering Aurora of despair and doom.

   I dreamt your sibilant whisper called out to me
   As I pleaded with the sad ghosts of memories
   Laying embalmed, stiffly entombed, undead
   In the echoing sepulchre of my gibbering mind
   Love's pale cadaver consumed on your pyre.

   I dreamt of mad primeval horrors unspeakable
   Of the once proud ruler of the Seventh Seal
   Impaled on the blasphemy of misshapen angels
   Crucified by the covenant of ungrateful saints
   Gasping in the ocean of unspilled tears.

   I dreamed I witnessed a dark abomination rising
   An icy nimbus to eclipse your fiery heart
   A frozen legion ascending, screeching
   And thus began the long spiral into the madness
   That sucked my soul into the howling void.

   Then I dreamt I was buffeted by the foetid wind
   Of the tortured rattle of your final breath
   Shuddering, I struggle with your eulogy
   My mind stuttering over the embryonic words
   Mewling to emerge. And I dream no more.

(C) Copyright April 2001
All Rights Reserved