My Lady's Eyes 

 The stars shimmer like shattered black diamonds 
     And the moon is a bloated red orb, 
 Autumn has aborted, and Winter yet unborn: 
     I want to rage at the very Gods! 
 And I yearn to strike down the firmament, 
      And strangle the Sun at birth 
 For the loss of our innocence - 
      For the sorrow in my Lady's eyes, 

     For the sadness in my Lady's smile. 
        I would strive to move every mountain 
     And drink dry the poisonous oceans, 
         Awaken Leviathan, if he would but aid me 
     To rip away the gossamer veils of time, 
        Until I find the sturdy chest, long lost, 
     Rusting in some dank, dismal catacomb 
         - Thrice padlocked and silver bound! - 
                 Which contains my shattered heart. 

 With bloody hands would I lift the lid 
     And savour the fragrance of what once was. 
 Long, long ago, when I dared to dream. 
     I dreamt of hope. I dreamt of love, 
 My Lady's smile the foundation I built on 
     As I raised my ethereal, fractal city 
 Of soaring turrets and proud minarets, 
     And hanging gardens of pleasure and pain, 

 Erected for the undying love of my Lady. 
      Raised to her glory, for a fleeting chance 
 To bask in her dangerous allure, 
      My frenzied labours all in her name, 
 As, enthroned on broken dreams, she lay. 
     I brought her delicate bones to suck 
  And worry between her carmine lips, 
     And gathered Blood Orchids to her praise: 

                 In return she gave me ashes and dust. 

 Once we flew! Our spirits soared, 
     Buffeted by emotions most strange. 
 Unfettered, I soared higher and higher 
     - Higher than she could ever reach! - 
 Until my wings brushed the face of the Sun, 
     Then the downward spiral, trailing tears of fire, 
 To where pale mares race through the night, 
     Ghostly manes streaming unto Eternity. 

 Silver-shod hooves thunder and strike sparks 
     From streets cobbled with the essence of souls. 
 Across my dreams they gallop in glory, 
     Ice fills my veins. My heart stops. 
 And I gallop through the frozen Forever, 
     Raging, cursing our chosen Gods 
 For the memory of our lost innocence, 
     For the emptiness of my Lady's smile, 

                For the madness in my Lady's eyes. 

(C) Copyright 1999
All Rights Reserved

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