Gypsy Pete - Biography

Gypsy Pete was born at an early age, in some town with an unpronounceable name containing way too many consonants, deep inside Hungary. He is not a true Gypsy in the sense of being one of the Rom, but he is, on his father's side, descended from old Hungarian nobility who can trace their ancestry back to the Huns. 
Gypsy left Hungary at age 10 when the Russian tanks rolled on Budapest, and during his childhood has travelled throughout Hungary, Russia, Transylvania, Rumania, Germany, and later Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Brazil, and Mexico, and has lived variously in Austria, Spain, Portugal, and Argentina, finally emigrating to Canada as a seriously "troubled" teenager. 

Excluding a nine month stint in a reform school Gypsy was an honors-student, excelling in English and Art, at least until Grade Nine - when he discovered, in rapid succession, girls and Harley Davidson motorcycles, and by Grade Ten he and the school system had parted company with extreme prejudice. He then gravitated to the post-beatnik/pre-hippie bohemian biker lifestyle and drifted around Canada, the US and Mexico in a drunken haze, being creative and largely broke. 

In 1967 he, along with thousands of others, descended on Vancouver, British Columbia, for the "Summer of Love" and somehow, much to his chagrin (and under a different name), wound up being a "Hippie Spokesman" and Counter-Culture icon. He had also discovered recreational drugs at this point so a trip to San Francisco in the mythical Summer of '67 can be proved only by photographs: Gypsy has absolutely no recollection of the trip past Blaine, Washington until coming to in a wine store on Haight a month or so later. 

Gypsy spent the rest of the 60s and early 70s alternating between Vancouver and Toronto still being very much involved in both the biker and the counter-culture scene, got married, had a lovely daughter (Ursula Sabreanna) got divorced, developed an interesting cocaine habit, kicked it, went back to college, developed and interesting Methedrine habit, kicked it, and moved back to Vancouver, where he drank a lot, met a woman, and attempted quitting both the biker and counter-culture lifestyles and his various addictions. He sought professional help. As a result he was, in short order, addicted to the whole spectrum of mood altering drugs, tranquillizers and sleeping pills, except now he had a LEGAL habit. The next 10 years are a drunken and stoned blur, but he somewhere along the way moved to rural British Columbia, had another lovely daughter (Shandrea Tabatha) whom he walked out on when she was 5, but whom he's made friends with again recently, and after unsuccessfully trying to conform to the "straight" lifestyle he once again went back to the biker scene. 

At age 35 and on Welfare Gypsy looked in the mirror one day, scared himself, and uttered those immortal words once crooned by Peggy Lee: "Is this all there is?" He cold-turkeyed on all drugs and got his drinking under control, and, being artistically inclined since a very early age, in short order learned the art of tattooing, which opened a whole different world for him. At the same time he once again resumed his interest in his twin loves of photography and writing, which combination landed him a position with Outlaw Biker magazine. 

Gypsy, having already visited every Province in Canada, spent the next several years touring the United States practising his tattoo art and photography, still part of the biker lifestyle, eventually visiting every State and living in Denver, Colorado and then the Savannah, Georgia area for some of the best years of his life. (In Savannah he became a charter member of the Scum Of The Earth Motorcycle Club). 

A short return to Canada to tattoo in Calgary, Alberta for a year and Gypsy was off to Oahu, Hawaii, where he lived for 3 years, then back to Canada again where he has been ever since. 
After a stormy 4 year "relationship from hell" he's single and determined to stay that way, and retired from the biker scene (He's now a "usedtabe", the opposite of a "wannabe"...) He now owns the Immortal Ink Tattooing & Piercing Studio in Nanaimo, British Columbia, where he's devoting his time to creating masterpieces on flesh. 

Gypsy now spends his spare time (HA!) working on his Website, which, with any luck and barring the Apocalypse, will be ready for public viewing sometime in early 2000. And on writing a DOS-based BBS DoorGame for Remote Access, called Desolation Boulevard, which is extremely twisted but is an exercise in futility since the online BBS is gone the way of the Dodo Bird, but it's a fine exercise in futility.  And also working on a new, as yet unknown and unsanctioned Clan (The Lilim: Children of Lilith) to fit into the White Wolf "Masquerade" live action role-playing universe. And just recently returning to his poetry and fiction and writing in general. (Thanx, Alys!) And, much to his amazement, (and amusement); recently his photography has been slowly emerging from an expensive, yet harmless hobby, into something else to the point where he's just had offers to buy some of his prints. (Some of Gypsy's photos may be viewed at Now that the spark has been re-ignited Gypsy will be submitting many more poems; meanwhile he awaits reaction to these most anxiously! 

And just for the hell of it and to strike fear in hearts of politicians everywhere: Gypsy is running for Mayor of Nanaimo this November. He doesn't really expect to be elected but plans to have a whole lot of fun just being a candidate!

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