On A Full Stomach 

    Are you ever lonely she says It depends 
    On what you call loneliness my friend 
    Eating and sitting alone in a crowded restaurant or cafe 
    Is not loneliness to me - Some of my best poetry has been composed 
    Mentally in such places - surrounded by others, watching and 
    Reading the Free paper slurping bottomless cups and rolling cigarettes 
    Too many bottomless cups and too many cigarettes perhaps 
    Over hearing different languages seeing occasional old friends 
    I have a friend who says that he could not live as I do 
    Alone and complete, needs someone with him at all times 
    To talk to and to listen to be complimented by 
    Strange really the same friend was always 
    The one to be the strong one in the past 
    Says he is poor in his 1/4 million dollar home on the hill 
    So what do you call loneliness she asked 
    Not having any hope or ambition other than what this life hands out 
    And what does life hand out? 
    Traps for the unwary traps that are easy to fall into 
    Traps that lure you in and smother you in false hope and security 
    The lure of a cosy woman who bleeds you dry and leaves you low 
    Lures of amber liquid dreams and head aches 
    Debt that drives you down to seek ways out you wouldn't do otherwise 
    Life all sounds so full of traps 
    In can be a trap but note it can be for the unwary 
    Heard a bloke once who lived to 109 said the secret was 
    Never go to bed on a full stomach

(C) Copyright 1999
All Rights Reserved

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