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an introduction

Introduction by Draggie: 1998

What Draggie Wrote:
A mixture of poetry and collection in all kinds of moods, written at various times under the influence of various substances, and first posted on the FidoNet (NZ) Scribble echo. These totally marvellous pieces appear here by kind permission of the author.

What Alys Thinks:
Draggie is power pack of intelligent energy, ascorbic comment and wise presuppositions. The tactless, merry eyed dragon assumes a veneer of beer driven, indolent intolerance which hides his very real talent for seeing, nurturing, and harnessing the talents of others, and obscures his own very real genius perhaps from himself as from others. He's a musician, a performer, and an aficionado of what he chooses to appreciate. Without his appreciating these, my own personal obsessions, neither The Nexus Collection, nor Scribble on the Net would ever have seen the light of day. 

The remarkable poetic rush of 1997 inspired many wonderful achievements in others, but it also produced poetry that many a lifelong servant of the Muse would have wanted to equal. One hesitates to wish 'More Power to your Elbow' Dragon - but it is time you wrote some more with, or without the 'substances'.