faith and faith inspire..


This is a look at religion & how silly it is to fight wars and all round be really crappy to one another because we each believe that the God we believe in is the real God and all others are Satan in disguise.





Whenever I kneel down and pray to the Lord above
I ask Him where do the soldiers come from?
I ask Him why they are there,
And are they fighting for His Love?
I cannot understand why
we hate ourselves they way we do,
like we'd hate the devil himself,
A cause for which we would DIE.

I cannot see what the fuss is about,
when the Lord is of LOVE, only man is of HATE
Where there's catholic, muslim and islamic faith,
somewhere there must lie some DOUBT.
We all know there's a common Lord,
Someone we all pray to each night,
Of a Father A Son A Holy Ghost
One who can smite thee without a sword. 

Why do we HATE the way we hate our brothers,
Despite what the preachers tell us,
is it our right to be brethren with our kind,
yet justify our murder of one another?
Why do we kill when we should be kind,
What is it that drives us to commit inhumanities
against someone who thinks and lives much like I do,
We must be all out of our tiny sordid minds. 

Why do we act the way we do, despite Gods eternal Love?
Wholesale slaughter for what we feel is right
Am I naive only because I think I've missed mankind's point,
As told to us all by our Lord God above?
I think of us now and how Adam once fell,
Given unto Sin as human nature will,
I say amen and then I realize once more,
We can only think of Heaven by living here in HELL.

[C] 1998 Eddie Kyle.
reprinted with my permission