experience and virtue weave their wiles..




She sits there upon the window sill,

Stares whilst sitting perfectly still,
She waits, her inner thoughts her guide
Concentrating on birds outside.
The birds scatter as the man walks by,
 She watches them as off they fly.
 Staring through that window pane,
 She knows that they will come again.
Somewhere near, another cat purrs
 And climbs the tree that he prefers
 He's not so lucky as some might say,
 He's all alone, lives day by day.
He wanders onto the vacant site,
 His instinct his guiding light,
 He's not aware of the gentle stares
 Of the lady watching from upstairs.
She watches him invade her space,
 He had no right to be in this place,
 She preens her whiskers with her paw,
 then leaps down and heads for the door.
She descends the stairs with haste,
 Why let a good battle go to waste?
 She then slinks out into the lawn,
 convinced that he won't see another dawn.
Seems he heard her despite her stealth,
 He'd best leave for the sake of his health.
 She looks content as he climbs the wall,
 He's not looking for trouble at all.
Unfazed although inside he's scared,
 He thinks of the moment that they shared.
 Then wanders off away from strife,
 Knowing what he wants from life.

[c]1996, Eddie Kyle.
reprinted with my permission

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