Time's Countenance

Shades of the night
Bear deceit to light
Light of the day
Shows truth astray.

Collections sprinkle
Upon the day's page
Whilst the night
Covers the year's rage.

A careful breeze,
A mindful whistle,
Caresses many a leaf
And the blessed thistle!

Laborious Truth!

Do we know anything t'all?
We banter, bicker, and sneer,
But only madness does befall
With its unsightly wane of fear!

Need we continue on this path?
Sharing pain, agony, hurt, wrath?
Please be not calculated so,
I am growing you know!

`Tis hard not to give in,
but I will not falter,
`tis only to your chagrin
that I care not alter.

You think you've won,
But that is far from true.
My distaste has just begun,
And it will soon come to you,
That I! That I!
Am parting slowly from you.



(C) Copyright 1999
Raymond Pacello
All Rights Reserved