A Man and His Honour

A man and his honour
tread deep into his person.
Faced with the reality of destruction,
he swims violently in tumult.

Like a parasitic prescient plague,
it eats away inside.
Trying to balance his ails,
he lives in bleak wallow.

Knowing the honourable truth,
he fights to release it.
Money packs a resounding blow,
and he retreats for the sake of his angels.

Stress, anxiety, desperation,
permeate the cells of his soul.
Blindly he cries out
and exhales the biting bug.

Momentary relief chasms his body
and he floats unconstrained.
At home, his sanctity is lost
and his nest astray.

A man and his honour
tread deep into his person.
Reality struck blow by blow,
A honourable man was he though!

Passive Connection

Listening to the words of before,
I aspire to learn forevermore.
What is it that I earnestly seek?
Have not I my own ability to bespeak?
I know not all of the expressions of my ocean,
but enjoy the streams of others' commotion.
They whisper to me loud and clear.
Maybe that...that is why
'tis their words I wish upon my ear.

  I know not why,
  I know not when,
  but something must have then
  opened my mind's eye!



(C) Copyright November, 1999
Raymond Pacello
All Rights Reserved