Mental Magic

Beget a thought,
Hone it well,
Let it be wraught,
And release its spell!


Morning unfolds with a brisk air 
That does tickle and caress.
Upon our bed and sheets we share
        I gaze at your loveliness.

For a moment that seems like a year
        I adore your soul as it lies,
Feeling a deep love so sincere
        I smile wise.

Then unto you I plant a tender kiss
        You move gingerly,
Stretch, yawn and quietly hiss;
        While smiling back at me.

Awakened I have you 
        And your lips taste mine,
With the sun shining through
        Our window of time!

Sometimes, Somewhere

How is it that we 
walk down one road,
But travel upon another?
Why is it that we
wear one hat,
But don quite another?

I know not for sure,
But travel well, walk free, 
wear it swell, don it with glee,
And open your soul's door!




(C) Copyright 1999
Raymond Pacello
All Rights Reserved