Underneath the moon of the world,
My life, again, streaks unfurled.
Banded by love, hope, desire
Such silly spokes I admire.

In the garden of light,
Lies my soul's plight.
Marked by an untimely switch,
Spawning a muse to bewitch!

By the eye of the sea,
Visions cast our ship favorably.
Cresting my dream ever so free
Pondering within thankfully.

Through the window of the sun,
I see the pane of my spirit undone.
Unraveling my soul's will,
Leaving me not until…

Nestled by the fire,
Chilled is my sire.
Numbing the outside,
Warming my guide.


Pleasant Puzzling Picture

Gentle winter flake of snow,
Why you fall free, I care to know.
Warming day clothed with white glow,
Why you enchant me, I'll never know.




(C) Copyright November, 1999
Raymond Pacello
All Rights Reserved