A simple word, 
And its tenor.
Dives deep
Out of shallow enter.

No one knows where it goes,
Yet of this you can be certain
Its hurtful remembrance,
The captive pool always knows.

Utter them with care,
Slip of the tongue beware,
The captive pool is everywhere.

The Common Uncommon

Benign is the eye,
Forgiving is the heart,
Limitless is the mind,
Splendid is the soul,
Brawny is the body,
May each one of us,
Remember not what,
But who we are.

Cherish that and 
Hold it true.
Recall it when
That someone,
No matter who
Seeks you to question
Who are you?


Stress here, Stress there; 
'Tis almost everywhere-
Our degenerative affair?

I know not why,
I know not where,
This sneaky creature
Combs my everyday hair.

It comes in a mysterious form;
All to often referred to as
The colloquial 'norm.'

I care not to let it live off me,
But I shall live off of it.
Knowing it's mon ami,
I'll playfully tantalize it.


Days continue to pass by,
I often wonder with a sigh.
Why do I let one's caprice
Saturate my bones?

Bored I am with this 
Continued battle,
"I saw this; you didn't see that"
Childish rattle!

Be it not so,
Its poison does spread.
How do I know?
For I wraught this thread.


(C) Copyright October, 1999
Raymond Pacello, Jr.
All Rights Reserved