Delightful dream
         Splendid stream
                 Resonant ream
                         Meaningful mean
                 Sonorous scene
         Timeless theme
 Capacious cream!


The Paradox

In a sense we live two lives,
Simultaneously, not at death.
A paradox of bated breath,
And only one that survives.

The Orchard of Love

The orchard of love,
Is a place I know.
The orchard of love,
Where hearts grow!

'Tis a place where the roots run deep,
And the seeds to plant are not cheap.
The landscape is plentiful, but pure
Allowing a sample to all for sure.

'Tis a place for most to yearn.
Let the grass tickle your toes,
And graze your benign eyes,
A precocious plot to return.

The orchard of love,
Where hearts grow.
The orchard of love,
A place you know!


In the splendour of the sun
Is the tempting taste of fun.
In the majesty of the moon
Is the subtle smell of soon.

Before long we must come and go,
'Tis a valley of life set aglow.
I am thankful for that gift
....through time, I can sift.


Tender is the night,
Brawny is the day,
Whatever you do,
Let neither slip away!



(C) Copyright October, 1999
Raymond Pacello, Jr.
All Rights Reserved