The Rush  

To and fro,
Shout the oceans of time.
Ebb and flow,
Whisper the streams of mine!


I must do this,
I must do that.
Where are my priorities at?

Rushing in the morning,
And withdrawn at night.
With my loved one I fight.

Tomorrow, I promise we will do...
Surely next weekend I'll spend with you.
Stifling my support without any adieu!

Stronger, Stronger and Stronger I think I grow,
Stealing the candle that set her heart vivaciously aglow.
Realizing afterwards with bottomless sorrow.

I look carefully at what I have done.
It's not too late to restore the flame
Act now! Forget about my shame.

I must do this,
I must do that,
I know where my priorities are at!



(C) Copyright September, 1999
Raymond Pacello, Jr.
All Rights Reserved