Standing here in front of you
I know it's time for me to see
Why you had chosen silence
Keeping all so hidden darkly
Behind the frozen surface
Of a mirror of our life
I turn and move away from you
And remember from years before
You said we were quite different
And yet now you say we aren't
I never thought I'd hear that
And it makes me turn and stare
I see you smiling at me
And I send mine back to you
See the image is quite changing
But still so very much the same
Words are now no longer needed
Our knowing is quite enough
To help us make the movement
Stepping back, away from here
And pausing just so briefly
With that knowing and our smiles
Glancing back over our shoulders
Looking at our changing mirrors
And going forward with our lives

Winter Haiku

Cold white winter snows
Spring under hot summer suns
Then fall cold again

or the North American version:

Bloody cold up here
My mate and I have frozen
Which direction south


(C) Copyright November, 1999
Marie St. Onge-Davidson
All Rights Reserved