Time To Go

The hands have stretched and touched again
A number on the clock
The chimes will tell me time to rise
Memories to unlock
The hands move once and maybe more
Before I know it's time
To say goodbye to all I love
And anything of mine
I look up sadly at that clock
And move on past it slow
I dare not look behind me now
I know it's time to go


 As The Geese Fly 

Today I watched the last geese fly
Long black necks and wings stretched free
I knew I could not follow their path
And feel abandoned here in destiny
Part made by another and part made by me
I'll sleep little this November night
Restless in dreams wrought with hope
Of worlds to see and people to know
And like the geese the need to go


(C) Copyright November, 1999
Marie St. Onge-Davidson
All Rights Reserved