Through A Frosted Pane

Turn your palm toward me
See the tender part
Let me touch it softly
Maybe reach your heart
Frosted like the window pane
On a cold December day
Waiting for a warmer touch
To melt the pane away

Turn your eyes towards me
See the tears in mine
Know they hold our visions
Shared through all this time
Which passed without our knowing
Not to come again
But didn't pass in anger
And didn't pass in vain

Turn your smile towards me
Warming in your gaze
Share the joy of knowing
These are perfect ways
To reach and touch each other
Without words which have confused
And sometimes say quite nothing
When they're so often used

Turn yourself towards me
Step slowly closer now
Touching, smiling, seeing
Hear the silent words somehow
The ones which don't need speaking
While our strength enfolds our self
The silence of our caring
As the frosted pane does melt


(C) Copyright December, 1999
Marie St. Onge-Davidson
All Rights Reserved