A Grand Cat Fight

My Goodness! What a hot day!
There's been a grand catfight!
It all started with Tarzan
Who'd gone bush for five weeks.
He came back without warning
Hard, hungry, unsure of anything.
He smelled food on a laundry shelf
And leapt to it only to discover
New-born kittens. The enraged mother
Screaming like a banshee
Knocked him to the floor. Next-door
Another mother joined the fray, 
Howls, claws, and snapping teeth.
This was too much for Ticketyboo
Dominant male, and Tongiwhero
Tarzan's large son, who joined the fun
A great ball, screaming, biting, kicking,
Spinning in the air like a catherine wheel,
Bits of fur flying off like sparks
All forgotten what the fight was for.
We grabbed cats out of the air,
Threw them through different doors.
Tarzan ran for the cat flap
Recoiled back upon the mat
Then headed up the stair.
We gave him food and when he'd eaten
He gave us a glance as though to say
"I am, after all, in the right place"
And set to to wash his furry face.
From other parts of this feline zoo
Came the slurps of washing too.



(C) Copyright December 2000
Noel Fuller
All Rights Reserved