Rock Talk: 
A short Report

A stone is easily spurned
The dumb house of a careless troll
But geology leaves none unturned
That the story of earth be told.

Erupted in fountains of fire
Or deposited as sediments
Each rock responds when we enquire
With stories of the continents,
The way they rift and move around
Where they've been in times unseen,
How planet earth has been icebound
Then suddenly a bath of steam.
Was the moon expelled from earth?
Sediments laid by tides each day
Suggest an impact gave it birth.
Layered strata record the way
Life diverse from little arose 
Suddenly ended by asteroids
And antipodal volcanoes,
Only to invest the world once more
With greater diversity than before.

The story of geology shows
The self correcting ways of science
As each hypothesis proposed
Stands or falls on evidence.
Gaining certainty from every source,
An idea once disregarded
With each discovery gathers force
While fantasies are discarded.

Rocks! the official repository
Of four point six billion years
of earthstory, cannot change 
To suit politicians or priests.




(C) Copyright September 2000
Noel Fuller
All Rights Reserved