I can Refrain
The last word
I've observed
Is a door slamming
Heavy footsteps
Why worry?
Karma begins its lesson.
When someone
Hits on me
Tendering resignation
I accept it.
But, on my side,
Welcome return
A lesson learned.
But if any would
Avoid such pain,
E're harmful word escapes -
"I can refrain!"
This is no counsel
Of cowardice.
Those people so nice
Who run from trouble
When a good is under attack
Earn my greatest ire.
And those who will not use force
To arrest force 
Released upon the world,
For fear of doing harm,
Do the greater harm.
Yet harmlessness
Is stringent discipline
Corralling the brood mares of Dionysis,
Destructive criticism, 
Viscious gossip,
The thoughts that lead to war.
In harmlessness, 
Cast away weapons 
Of selfish personality
And block up the door
Of escape for the Nemean Lion.
But if a word of harm should
Not be silenced at it's source
There remains one more recourse.
Before that word
Goes out upon the world
There comes a pause -
"I can refrain!"
Let go! Let it go!
Let peace arise.
"I can refrain!" 



(C) Copyright December 2000
Noel Fuller
All Rights Reserved