The Nexus Collection:

Corn -Shucked

Disease of my heart

Esplanade Rd

Eyes on you

In-between dreams

Wild Flowers in my Garden

No love poetry please!

On the subject of death

Reading at the Temple.

Night Patrol


Soft but unexpected

I Guess I Will Never Know





Gregory Brimblecombe



Gregory Brimblecombe writes: "I live in New Zealand. I am a landscape gardener and I do volunteer work at two second-hand bookshops in Auckland. 

I have produced 3 desktop published booklets with varying success. The last one "Quilted Muse" was reviewed in 2/2000 copy of Craccum. The highlight of my performing work so far was at a speakers corner coalition in Aotea square prior to the 1999 general election, reading a political piece to about 300 people over a loud hailer on a Saturday afternoon. 

I am single and have been writing poetry for ten years. Here are some poems that have not appeared in any published form."

Reading these poems was a marvellously refreshing experience.  The language is beautiful, the sense of observation acute. Moreover the poems themselves, as selected and presented by Gregory dovetail and echo each other in ways that remind me of a Binny painting. Keep your eye out for the hint of a familiar contour here, it may evoke a haunting shape later. Some of these verses would stand out in any company, all of them are among the best I've read this season.