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Christine Johnson


I have been poeting off and on for the best part of my life. Poems sent are as follows:

Hope : "Hope" I love the bush and this poem was originally written from
a Tui in the hope of saving its natural habitat and life, the West Coast
Forests. The poem has a double meaning and is also written for people
who are living in a black depression, giving them hope that will again
get better again.

Poem2 : "The Thorny Rose" is a tale of pain, of two similar people & of a friendship that should have been, but wasn't allowed to be. 

Poem14 : is dedicated to people with manic depression (bipolar disorder). Was written Xmas 1999 to a friend who is in trouble with family life and with constant depression.

Poemroger : is about my brother who committed suicide August 1999.

Now, for something about myself: I'm a 40 year old, living in Paekakariki, originally born in Taumarunui. You can tell that I have Irish ancestry, as I am chaotic and out of the chaos comes creativity and order! 

At present I am a third year university student (geology) on a twelve-month break. I actually have very low education standards, 2nd form for english only, although, this subject has always come very naturally to me. In 1991 I was one of only 8 females in the world to write a book on a railway subject, having had it successfully published. I would like to have some of my poetry published, but I wouldn't even know where to begin to accomplish this. 

I am a very sensitive person who suffers from a mood disorder. Because of this, I can see things in a much deeper vein compared to most other people. I have a deep love of people and all of their incumbent emotions, that's me to a tee!

I also love things to do with the senses, hence my having a love and deep involvement with the local steam group. Sounds a strange thing to do for a female, but to me a steam engine invokes all of the senses, sound, touch, smell, sight, hearing ...etc. I am also a dab hand with a paintbrush and in my down time you will catch me either writing poetry or starting a painting.