Ring the Bell... Ring!

      In silent dark before the coming of the sun
      a Druid priest upon a pallet stirs
      and, casting off the realms of night and dream
      and sleeping furs,

                       looks out upon the Star of Morning's gleam.
      Within that very darkness by the tor,
      a priest of Christ the Matins' ringing hears
      and, casting off the realms of night and dream,as morning nears,               
                       is moved to prayer by that same Starlight's beam.

       Into the aging night the Druid goes
      and, deeply filling lungs with crystal air,
      looks upward toward the heavens where the stones
      upon the bare crown of the tor sing out,                                       
                                              in wind-swept tones  

      The stones that raise the tower of the church
      are cold, as in the darkness prayer bells peal.
      But, standing in the chapel yard below
      the Priest can feel
                       a candle-warmth of Presence Light aglow. 
      And upward now, upon the spiral path,
      the Druid enters silently within
      that ancient circle standing on the tor,
      so to begin
                the ancient sun-rite at the morning's door.

      And mounting now the sanctuary steps,
      the priest in reverent silence steps within
      the holy space around the Table there;
      so to begin

                            the newer son-rite, in the brightening air.
      A Chalice, filled with sacred wine of life,
      the Druid raises, giving thanks to all
      the holy Realms of Earth and Sea and Skies.
      Then, at this call
                       the sun, in morning triumph, does arise! 
      In joyous triumph, also giving thanks,
      the Priest of Christ, with weathered hands, lifts high
      a gleaming Chalice, filled with sacred wine,
      and, at this cry,  
                       the vessel in the morning sunlight shines!

      For those with eyes to see and hearts to feel
      the all-embracing loveliness of God,
      the Druid and the Priest together raise
      from common sod

                      a holy Cup of Blessing and of Praise.

      And from our lips, the hallowed word....
                                 Amen, Amen, Arwen, Arwen!

      at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, 27 July 2003                       


(C) Copyright 27 July 2003
All Rights Reserved

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