The Writer in a Material World
Mark Antony Rossi

The act of writing is a spiritual journey through one's own soul. Whether pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, writing challenges the very essence of humanity in ways tools and technology never touch upon. For theirs is the superficial realm that dazzles the senses with brilliant colour and contour. But writing reaches deep beyond the masks we wear for the world and locates 
our fundamental motivators. It speaks to that special part destined to live after our bodies fail.

The world is a material playground often seducing flesh to dangerous distraction. Television screens sweep the landscape like locusts devouring harvest grain. Electronic toys lead the young in a ballet of unbelievable violence. Some listen to the prophets of old and think the last days are upon us. Others turn away and think it all a trashy trend with a profitable end.

Writers know different. They know new heroes are needed to guide the people. They know new stories must be written to inspire another generation to greater heights. They know the Earth is not the end, it is merely the beginning of human exploration. They know writing not only stirs the writer's soul but the readers as well. 

Writers know different because writers are different. They are attuned to the song softly playing in the head of every human being. The cosmic aria interwoven throughout our genetic structure that separates man from ape. A glorious gift from God each person receives, but only the artist harnesses to full expression. Could it be that artists are born to remind us all of this 
spiritual song imbedded in immortal souls?

Much mystery remains as to the exact meaning of one's song or "conscience." Writers more than most seem to tap into this area of information and navigate their creations like latter-day captains steering their ships by stars. What is not in dispute is why writers like writing even though a tremendous amount of work goes into each delicate project. Writers frequently use writing as a means of self-revelation. An excellent method to shake off the sheer nonsense of a world drowning in material excess. Writing has always been a way to make it back home when one's voyage far away has drained the spirit. Its impact on readers can be such that they too begin to respect the roots that made them what they are. And commit this knowledge to a letter that warms a heart and restores a tired soul.

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