hope and happiness are intertwined


[c]980415 E. Kyle.  15th April 1998.
republished with my consent 22-02-1999.
Photos of Carolyn, December 1998 - our thanks to Porcelina Spring for taking them.
The last photo of Eddie and Carolyn October 1998, taken by Eddie's laptop computer.



beyond Love..

It was a while ago when we first met,
a sunny day, sharing a moment, or two
which led to feelings neither of us denied,
Its spell upon me and its descent upon you.
There are some things about us within
These emotions that we know that we can't fight.
That appear like a demon before us, naked,
And exists in it's entirity, bathed in unholy light.

... But beyond love, it is sensuality,
    That is stretching long into the night.

there's something about us..
There's something about us and our needs,
Stretching beyond our love for our mutual trust,
we hunger for the moments when we do connect
When our togetherness outweighs our lust.
What we have we know God has given us,
It has come from His heaven above.
Let us break the confines of the orthodox,
Let us experience something beyond our love.

... But beyond love it is our trust for each other
    that holds the fragile threads together.

it is our trust

Let us take off our naivity!
Let us realise what we have for sure
Let us remove our own preference,
Just so we can share what we feel is pure,
As we are merely animals reaching beyond our instinct,
We can reach heights beyond what we now know ,
Let us shed our emotions which are most distinct,
to take us beyond the threshold, and to let it go,

... but beyond love, it is mutual respect,
    that makes us what we are.

take me beyond
Beyond our pain, beyond the hurt,
Upon this bed, let us find each other,
we were meant to be together,
forever - with one another.
Let us experience that moment we had then!
Let us sense our feelings again!
Something shared from inside our mutual trust,
Let us share a moment away from emotional pain...

... Take me beyond love ...
    Never to be alone again.

with fondness towards my one and only love in this world, and written with much tender caring...
      ...beyond love!
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