A Psychologist's Inkblot. Almost as good as Cloud Gazing

Douglas H. Thew



O' Gwenhwyvar

I spoke to ancestors ‘cross the far sea, 
Thus dreaming deep within the dream, spoke I,
As I dreamt of the Halls of Avalon, 
Of a beauty like no other I've known,
And of Ancient Times of days now long gone, 
Of a tender heart and the Love she's shown.
‘cross the cold Veil in the lands of Cymru. 
All others are now lost to history,
Heavy and forlorn, 'twas my wearied soul; 
Of this one fact there is no denial
I climbed the stones of Glastonbury Tor, 
'tis as if I have never loved before,
To seek out my quest of wise Urthru’s lore, 
For when I dream of my line my heart soars,
And to find myself - thus to make me whole. 
Since in their faces does rest her sweet smile.

My Spirit came upon the Chieftain's throne,
Half-complete am I without Gwenhwyvar,
There deep in the Grove of my Dream-Cymru. 
For her Presence doubles my total worth.
Urthru then rose up from amid the bones, 
Love - it is not just how I feel of her,
Wisdom as his crown, and thus spoke to me, 
 But how she
does make me feel of the earth.
      ‘You have travelled far past the Spirits’ Veil,
Above all of this you must understand,
      O’ ancient quest, you come to seek the Grail.’ 
She makes me yearn to be a better man.

‘I had possessed a kingdom once’, said I, 
‘I know of what it is you speak, young Knight.’
‘And had traversed far and wide these known lands 
Cried out Urthru-of-my-dream soft to me
With fair damsels, and kings, and minstrel bands. 
'For my own
Gwenhwyvar too made me see
And riches, and glory and fame had I 
that True Love - it is an immortal Light.
But kingdoms do fall and men do despair. 
True Love
and the Grail are bound fast as one;
And so I fell too, O’ the day alack.
For the Grail is not a cauldron of gold,
For all my sorrows, did I turn my back, 
it makes Man stronger one thousand fold
And now I have lost my Gwenhwyvar.’ 
And drives us onward for to reach the Sun.'

As I spoke to him of his own dark sin 
'To find the Grail - it is to find yourself;
His eyes, they flashed a burning light so clear. 
Be strong and true against your mortal fears,
And saw that his passions still burned within 
Let both faith and love be your own true wealth
For his same-named maiden - fair Gwenhwyfar 
 And you'll earn
the heart of your Gwenhwyvar.’
    ‘Young King,’ said he, ‘This one Truth I must know. 
He reached ‘cross the cold Veil to touch my chest.
    ‘Tell me why it is that you love her so.’
And said 'The Grail doth lie within your breast.'

                                                          - Douglas H. Thew