Caviar and Champagne

The caviar lays in its little jar
And the champagne is chilling, waiting
The water biscuits are opened now
And I've begun to nibble

A celebration of success
Quite late now in its making
Sitting alone on the floor
Wondering if its worth it

The night grows long and the little jar
Is empty now and sitting
Specks of crumbs from the cracker box
Are scattered on the floor

I wonder now if I should have said
'Just come, no need for calling'
As I sit and wait for guests
Who can't remember my name

Party for One

Waiting so long with patience to see
Wondering what ever will become of me
If in the meantime we party as two
I'll invite me and then invite you

Sensing a fear of what you don't know
How can I ask if I know you'll say no
To a party of two which is just you and me
And not safety in numbers with a party of three

The champagne is chilling on ice just for you
The music beats low, the fire burning too
The gibbous moon rises, and so does success
Stash your damn golf clubs and get on with this mess!


(C) Copyright September, 1999
Marie St. Onge-Davidson
All Rights Reserved