Awaking slowly before dawn
In complete and utter darkness
Silence suffocating in this room
Closed, yet with no boundaries
Like a silent rotting tomb
Rising dreamlike, moving blindly
Walking wordless on the same path
Travelled many times before
Mourning eyes working madly
Through the dimness slowly leaving
Cold black memories clawed and hidden
Trying to hold me here forever
Trapping me within these shadows
Of a dark and certain cell
Smelling of despair and sorrow
Pacing endless, pointless circles
Touching walls, but not the captors
Hear my footsteps sure and silent
Moving fast to breaking morning
Fleeing the darkness to the light
To the place where you are waiting
Sharing in your love and laughter
At the dawning of a new life


(C) Copyright September, 1999
Marie St. Onge-Davidson
All Rights Reserved