Late Garden

Wading barefoot into weeds years grown
Bending with strong hands, aching in anger
Pulling and throwing far all the bad things
Remembering the abandonment of so many decades
Hearing loud echoes of silent years past

     Started at dusk and now it was night
     Darkness so thick, difficult to see
     Waited too late to begin this task
     Must continue to the finish

Moving blindly, but with purpose
Stepping more surely in the dark
Dripping from rain falling like sorrow
Feeling the kindness of the earth
Smelling the life springing from its substance

     Leaned against the old brick wall
     Heated from sunlight of hours before
     Standing behind me so close and warm
     Closed my eyes and thought of this strange life

Pushing onwards with the task
Feeling the agony of deliverance
Bringing together this body and soul
Sensing the end before it came
Smiling with knowing, my task was done




(C) Copyright September, 1999
Marie St. Onge-Davidson
All Rights Reserved