Gibbous Moon

Flew home on a gibbous moon
Glowing red with the heat of summer nights
Silver thoughts caught in the stars
Galaxy at each fingertip
Beseeching to be plucked and savoured
Watching below these blackened feet
Divining the day to rise
Casting a spell on sleeping earth
Last delights thrown back in laughter
Conjuring fate to follow its path
Like rivers of destiny flowing
Plotting their course through knotted hearts
Then leaving them all behind
Free from the spell of another life
Flew home on a gibbous moon


Murky waters tinged with guilt
Twinges of remorse in mind
Casting praise and love before her
Rendezvous now taste sublime

Besieged by fate and indescretion
Escapades decaying fast
Who are we but random people
Vaguely reeking of the past

Lurid stories in the papers
Desolate is the man who knows
That the lies are all about him
More who read, the tales must grow

Inured to waves of words and actions
Standing silently, closer now
See the woman waiting sadly
Watching forever from the prow

To sail the river, not to damn it
Regret and sorrow in your wake
Is to know she is your stength and power
Your wife, true partner and your mate



(C) Copyright September, 1999
Marie St. Onge-Davidson
All Rights Reserved