Omnipotent want

here's reality,
held in shaking hands,
a barbed wire bouquet,
and the blood of tomorrow,
seeping deep in truth's veins.
A trembling thought in the dark
of twilight's eerie embrace,
no normality,
no malice,
primal urge,
the omnipotent want,
that rages in the head,
encircling, safe, yet wild .. free

Yes I'm here.

Yes I'm watching,
yes I'm here,
though people say I don't know where,
and yes it's true,
my mind's a maze,
of strangest thoughts and cerebral haze,
And no my friend,
I just don't see,
how other people wish to be,
for I am I,
no less ,... no more,
forever doomed,
to fight my war,
of fragile brain and staggering smile,
but still I like to stop awhile,
and take the time,
to touch the base,
with yet another friendly face.
And yes it's true ,
and yes it's real ,
that sometimes when I try to feel ,
my heart draws back,
from shadow's track,
and in sunshine's  soft lit fields I kneel. 



(C) Copyright 1997
All Rights Reserved