Inside the inside

Inside the inside,
looking out,
never a whisper,
only a shout,
where mortals tremble,
and spirits fly,
in a strange procession,
across a blood red sky,
where water flows up..
and the sun rises left,
and the fish all live,
in a rocky, cliff cleft,
where smiles mean pain,
and pain is good,
and you cant see the forest elves,
for all the poisoned wood,
where the moon is a man,
and the sun is ball,
and the death of a princess,
means nothing at all,
this is the land,
where the scared people live,
too frightened to breathe,
and too surly to give,
This is the land,
where the clouds steal your heart,
and the traces of caring are blown apart,
this is the place where the garden gnomes scream,
and the kiss of a demon,
wakes you up from your dreams.
So listen then stranger,
take heed of this verse,
steer clear of this place,
lest you should be cursed.



(C) Copyright 1997
All Rights Reserved