Rising blood red suns setting in deep pools of blue
Muted spirit warriors
Charging a dark brigade
Blindly to the front line
Dying unheeded death
Ripping from their mother's hearts
Every single loving breath

 Did you step across this boundary
 Of crimson coloured prayer
 Of holy men and sepulchres
 And the book which was not ours
 Did you leave behind some wisdom
 Or just take with you your mind
 Departing into realms beyond
 Where life seems less unkind

Every battle you have fought in radiant golden glory
Grey mists of nether worlds
Hanging on your last words
Letters here left unread
Save by a mother's heart
Peeling back soft memories sweet
To where we once did start

   Were you needing, ever wanting
 Visions bright or ebbing dim
 Our bodies so less perfect
 Is the rune which cursed your heart
 Have you been shaken by the epic
 Or like Beatrice become our guide
 Revealing truth in circles bright
 Then flee to the other side


(C) Copyright February, 2000
Marie St. Onge-Davidson
All Rights Reserved