You Asked Me Why

And I could never say
Was it wrong to keep this hidden
Afraid to drive you fast away
To loose a friend seems worse
Than sharing this secret then
Which you should really know
Yet you keep asking once again
And each time I only want to say
Because I believe and trust in you
It's really rather simple
And yes old friend
I've always loved you too

Here & Now

You are there and I am here
Almost in a different sphere
Sometimes closer than you know
Can you remember, not long ago
A touch, a look, a certain smile
Warmed our hearts and all this while
We never knew we'd crossed that line
Of simple friendship one more time

You are there and I am lost
See each chance our paths have crossed
You continue and I have stopped
To stand here lonely as is oft
But this time you turn to look at me
And I'm concerned you cannot see
The need to move ahead with you
Side by side, but not as two

You are here and I am here
And this is now a single sphere
Old worlds once filled with tears and woe
Our lives which changed from long ago
One world to know and ours to hold
Embracing life which had turned cold
Which now is warmed by you and I
To last forever and cannot die



(C) Copyright February, 2000
Marie St. Onge-Davidson
All Rights Reserved