# magicisle

 wordlover, scribbler, mage : welcome home, where magic and poetry and all beings pleasant and gentle reign..
Be not afraid, the Isle is full of noises. Here Owls and Ravens Talk, and all the birds in happy converse sing and play, Here Poets ramble, and the wise in soul and heart do play-create a world of joyous fantasie and art.

The words we use are magical.  The very word 'imagery' which describes one of the fundemental tools of a poet, contains the word, 'mage'. Words affect the way we think, and the way we behave and the way we live together. In the wonderful world of the internet many wondrous things can happen. Including our words apparently taking on life and having results in 'real time'.  Magicisle is such a 'place'. A Channel on the internet where poetical folk may gather and talk. It is also Scribbler's cunning plot to gather together a group of Scribble policy makers to talk abou the web site, the way it is going, and the objectives we might be having. 
But it is more than that. It is a place where we can perhaps create an ongoing living poetry. Experiment with words and thoughts. And new technologies. It will not escape the attention of any visitor that the most constant inhabitants of 'the isle' are not human. They are birds, but not like any birds you ever saw in life. You've probably noticed that Smokey^Owl, whose picture is above, likes to quote Shakespeare.. or thinks she does. Those who know 'The Tempest' will find other marvellously familiar things in 'The Isle'. Not including the small black cat - who belonged to another poet in another age. 

The small black cat with bright green eyes is suddenly purring here 
Trivia challenge of the week: who was this poet who wrote of a 'small black cat' ? And what was the animal's name ? 

If you know 'irc' at all, you will have no difficulty. Simply point your 'mirc', pirc' or 'other' at /server galatea.mellorien.net:6667 and then join #magicisle. 
If you don't know irc chat, you have several options. I'll install a javachat feature on this page so you can click on it and 'give it a go'. Be patient, javachat takes a (cough) while to load especially the first time. Otherwise, you will need an irc programme which may be downloaded from either of these two sites. 



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