What is this feeling that lies within
the mind, forever seeking that which
is often seen by others as a sin
and yet by others as the realm of the rich.

As a child desires love and warmth
and the growing teen desires respect
much the same as those near death
do these make the need any less an effect?

What of the thousands in this world
that we condemn to life without hope
given away by parents who themsleves are cold
to the future of the child, because they cannot cope.

Is it not the basic right of all young
to be able to look forward to the life they want
rather than suffer because they are among
those not born to a life of plenty sent.

Why do we allow so few, to be the ones who oversee
the destiny of the many? what right do we have
to allow this way of life and call it free,
and yet this is the future some parents gave.

Should not the basic right of every child born
and the expectation of those who already live
be that which is the right of those who scorn
them amounst us who live without the ability to give.

Is hope eternal? somehow I think not
for those who are born to this world of wars
and do not stand any chance of having got
that which most of us accept as being ours.

The right of all upon this earth we call home
should be the same for young and old
to at least be given the right, as it is to some
to dream, and hope that their life not be always cold.

Let those of us who enjoy the right to dream
try and share this ability with the many
who have to live at the whim of those who seem
to just accept their hopes and dreams as company.
Perhaps I dream to much of those
who are not able to share my thought
that if all mankind could but choose
would he share all with those who have naught?

They say that dreams are wishful thinking,
perhaps this is so, but what of the right
to be able to have hopes and fears without blinking
and see that all can have that sight.

The right to hope is ours to give
so let us share it when we can
the right to dream as well as live
and give this right to all of man.


(C) Copyright 1999
Bob King
All Rights Reserved