In the hills along the border
to the north of Shangri-La
there's a tombstone on the hillside
with a story of great pride.

A simple stone is all that marks the place
where now lies the memories from the past
inscribed with the words that bring back
the story of a lost time.

This is the grave of a young woman
born in the realm of Tibet
who couldn't accept the chinese ways
when with Buddha she was met.

She set here path against the grain
of what the invaders desired
and in the end she had to rebel
and through their wrath she went.

They made her suffer as if in hell
but her belief was stronger than theirs
so suffer she did until the time
her village could stand no more.

They freed her from her tormentors
and to save the people from revenge
she took herself into the mountains
and there she left her heart.

Her people found her many days later
her bones picked clean by the eagles
so they buried her remains under the rocks
and marked the place with a stone.

The chinese made her a martyr
her people made her a legend
none of her village will ever forget
the price she paid for them.

Her story lives on across Tibet
and many come to pay their dues
unknown to their invaders they pay respect
to that stone set high on the mount.


(C) Copyright 1999
Bob King
All Rights Reserved