The Nexus Collection
Marie St. Onge-Davidson 


As I Sleep

Each Blade of Grass
For Every Woman
Here & Now

I Don't Think We Were Meant To
New Garden

Rights of Passage #4
Rites of Passage #8

Rising Blood
Rosa's Risotto
The Convent 

Woe be gun
You Are Beautiful
You Never Loved Me Whole



Marie St. Onge-Davidson 

Marie, shy and full of courage, new to all things Internet, found us herself, and with delightful gentleness presented her work and asked to be shown how to present it. 

She is without doubt one of the best poets in the Scribble family, and it is time for her to take her place in 'The Collection' for her work improves with every offering. Here you will find no trace of self-indulgence, but a penetrating eye, a life that is not only lived to the full, but lived honestly, with grace and heroism in the place where the real griefs and struggles lie. 
You'll find a sense of language, of connected thought and of joy. 

These are poems for the journey, poems about growing up, about taking life in one's hands and relishing it to the very last syllable of time.