Insufferable Love

Separate love from separate dreams
darken my world apart at the seams,
starkness of love flows on the go,
terminal case, stems still in tow,
seminal stares, wanton and wild,
pastures that grace along with the child.
The devil may care or get you a knot
as likely as love's a forget me not.
sing me none of your songs to enlighten my ears
to lie on my pride pour rain on my fears
and still my poor heart jerks at your noise
yes pulls at your strings pumps at your voice
flays in a bleat at your footfall, a start
bull's eye is ripped - the proverbial dart
shareholds me in brace confounded in rhyme
and bolts at the gate unshriven in time.
This world's but a write-off, I'll give it a day,
we'll fall on our knees, forget how to pray
for eternal darkness or just so it seems
inseparable love from insufferable dreams.

Union Two

Mine is your body and your body mine
mutual for given in crease and incline



(C) Copyright October 2000
Terry Bowden
All Rights Reserved